Sunday Adult Christian Formation Classes

Fireside Room Class

The Fireside Room Class, which meets at 8:30 am, are studying Chronicles from the Immerse series.The final First Testament books will be studied.


Library Class

The Library Class, which meets at 8:45 am, are doing a study centering on the Jewish Roots of Christianity and the Early church in Rome. The study will consist of a video followed by discussion.


Monday Night Women’s Bible Study

The Monday Night Women’s Bible Study are studying “Surprised by Hope” by N. T. Wright. In six invigorating, faith-inspiring sessions, N.T. Wright explores hope, resurrection, heaven, the second coming, salvation, and the church. It will be a 6-week, DVD-led series, where participants each have a study guide. Filled with discussion questions, thoughts for reflection, and ideas for personal application, this study guide will help participants get the most out of each session. Refreshments start at 6:30 pm with the Bible study starting at 7:00 in the Fireside Room.

Thursday Night Women’s Book Study

On Thursday nights at 8:00 pm, a group of women from Batavia Covenant and surrounding neighborhoods are meeting at the Chin's house and are reading "The Path Between Us" by Suzanne Stabile. If you have any questions, please contact Becky Chin (