Mission Focus

Each week we are asking our congregation to be in prayer for one of our supported missionaries or local mission agency.  This week we ask that we bring Tristin Jackson to God in prayer.  Tristen is a new staff member of Covenant Youth of Alaska; she arrived in Fairbanks in January of this year.  Her primary ministry focus is to reach out and disciple Alaskan college-age young adults, engaging students at the University of Alaska in partnership with the local Covenant church.  Many students experience difficulties moving from a village to the “road system” in Alaska and welcome the gatherings offered by a fellowship and bible study ministry called Aarigaa—the Inupiaq word meaning sweet or “so good.”

Please remember to pray for Tristin on a regular basis—particularly this coming week as our congregation brings her to God, that as she gets familiar with her new responsibilities and a new culture, she would have her call affirmed, she will have peace regarding family left behind, and she will be free from loneliness and more fully aware of God’s power and presence.