Sunday’s Adult Christian Formation Classes

Fireside Room Class – 

An 8-week study will begin on Sunday, September 8th in our Fireside Room at 8:30 am. The class will resume the Immerse series, which focuses on Bible reading and group discussion. For these weeks, the class will be digging into the Old Testament wisdom writings in a study called “Poets.” These books of scripture reflect the down-to-earth faith of God’s people as they live out their covenant relationship with Him in worship and wise living.

Library Class – 

The adult Christian formation class that meets in the Library will begin Sunday, September 8th at 8:45 am. We will be using a video series called “Land Without Borders.” This study highlights the easily overlooked truths of the wilderness. The wilderness is mentioned nearly 500 times in the Bible. In the 7 sessions we will relate the wilderness of the Bible to our spiritual experiences.