Weekly Newsletter

During this pandemic, we want to be available to help those in need. Do you have basic needs that we can help with, do you know someone who does? If so, please complete a help form below by clicking on this link –https://forms.gle/QN5qVnH8s6miS3ym6. We will coordinate our efforts to care for each other and our community.

April 4, 2018

High School Parking

Due to the ongoing shelter in place ordered by the State of Illinois we are unable to honor our previous schedule to hold lottery/registration for High School Parking at this time. We do plan to continue our parking program for the 2020-21 school year. Please check this space when restrictions have been lifted statewide.

May 13, 2018

Mission Focus

Each week we are asking our congregation to be in prayer for one of our supported missionaries or local mission agency. This week we ask that we each bring refugees and our church’s vision for demonstrating God’s love to refugees to God in prayer. Almost every day the national and international news reports provide insight into the plight of people who have been forced to flee their homes, for refugee and aslyee children having to live in transit and insecurity without adequate access to education, medical care or carefree play. And it isn’t clear that our country has remained a safe haven for refugees; government policies don’t seem to reflect compassion for asylum seekers, principles of family unity, or respect for a person’s God-given dignity. So we ask that you pray for refugees and ask God to move in powerful ways to bring peace to people in crisis. Then we
Want to share the Good News with kids and families this summer? Wondering how to do that in this challenging time? Well, the good news is that “SOME GOSPEL NEWS” SUMMER OUTREACH is the perfect opportunity to do that! SGN, or “SOME GOSPEL NEWS”, is our theme for our Soccer Camp replacement outreach. It will run from the week of June 7th, through the week of June 28th. We are super excited about it, and we think that you will be too! Playing off of the YouTube sensation Some Good News, starring John Krasinski, we want to share Some GOSPEL News! We will premiere a new episode of “Some Gospel News” each Thursday. Each episode will have a biblical theme sharing God’s love and care and will feature videos and clips of families completing activities and challenges that we send out to them, at the start of each week, on
We are pleased to be able to again partner with World Relief to help run their Summer Kids Club. Due to current restrictions, this year club will be a virtual gathering of elementary and middle school students. Batavia Covenant Church has a small team of volunteers who, in partnership with some other churches, will be helping to facilitate these meetings. We are looking for donations to help provide the kids with supplies they will need to participate. The following items are needed: 30 pocket folders 30 wide ruled spiral notebooks 30 packs of crayons (24 count) 30 packs of washable markers If you would like to donate some of these items, please contact Patty Hofmann at hofmanncp@gmail.com.