High School Parking

The Lottery Drawing for new registrations has been finalized. Click on the seal below to view and see if your number was chosen.

Your identification number was emailed to you when you completed registration. If your number was selected, follow the instructions below to complete your registration. If your number was not selected, we are sorry to say that we do not have a spot for you this year.

After drawing for available spots during the selection lottery, we also selected a waiting list of ten people. Those people will be contacted if spots become available over the summer or during the school year.

If your number was chosen, you need to complete your registration by submitting a signed copy of the Rules and Regulations Form (it will be emailed to you) and a check payable to Batavia Covenant Church in the amount of $175.00 to our church office by Wednesday, May 17, 2023. Please note that if your payment is not received by May 17, your spot will be given to the next name on our waiting list.