Mission Focus

Each week we are asking our congregation to be in prayer for one of our supported missionaries or local mission agency. This week we are asking everyone to bring Mike and Katie Lucero to God in prayer.

During the week ahead you are invited to pray for Mike and Katie Lucero, their children, and their ministry as they wrap up another year of school in Southeast Asia. They recently thanked us for our partnership, writing, “We are so grateful to still be here because of your continued prayers and support!  Our calling is strong and your support makes all the difference.” Here are specific prayer requests they shared with us a few weeks ago:

  • Visas are now available, finally opening up for our teachers after a long time. (This has included a visitor visa for Mike’s parents who plan to travel this summer.)
  • Thank you for your prayers this year for accreditation of our school. We received the full accreditation for six more years - the best outcome possible! Thanks for standing with us!
  • Katie has felt your prayers for perseverance; she is well on her way with her “read-aloud” video project, an illustration project, and creating special gifts for kids of staff members.
  • There have been devastating floods in various local regions. We’re thankful our organization has sent relief aide that has helped people rebuild some of what was lost.
  • Our school teachers are still on the list for vaccines. Pray that the teachers can get their shots safely and soon. Pray for wisdom in government decisions on distribution.

We are once again in need of teachers for the coming school year. At least one more high school teacher would significantly lighten the load for all. We could also use a music teacher. Candidates seem reluctant to travel right now; we know God will provide as you pray with us.