Mission Focus

Each week we are asking our congregation to be in prayer for one of our supported missionaries, local mission agency, and ministries. This week we are asking everyone to bring the Rupantaran Nepali Covenant Church, it's pastor Rev. Amos Shakya, and his family to God in prayer.

This outreach ministry continues to embrace the Nepali speaking people in nearby communities who as yet don’t know Jesus. Pastor Amos asks that we continue to pray for their salvation - for friends and relatives to come to know God.

We especially want to hold up Pastor Amos and his family in prayer at this time.  Amos and Roma’s new son Yabesh is now home after spending the first weeks of his life in the hospital and is doing well. Yarona continues to thrive and was overjoyed at being able to finally meet her brother. Just before Christmas, Amos’ mother died and he was able to travel to Nepal to be with his family for a few days. Let’s keep this family in our prayers as they continue to adapt and adjust to all the changes that have taken place in the last several months.

Pray, too, for the housing needs of the Shakya family. Their current rented unit isn’t sufficient for their needs, yet purchase of a house may be a challenge. Pray for wisdom and for practical leads to develop for just the right living arrangement.

Finally, please pray for the continued strengthening of the Rupantaran church as they continue to meet weekly—each Sunday in our Sanctuary and in many smaller home settings through the week as members of this immigrant community are shown friendship, offered practical helps, invited to special events for children and teens, and loved in many ways. Pray for new believers to be strengthened in their growing relationship with God. And pray for a renewed sense of call for those leading this new congregation.