Mission Focus

Each week we are asking our congregation to be in prayer for one of our supported missionaries or local mission agency. This week we are asking that everyone to bring Second Cereal Sunday in prayer.

Second Cereal Sunday is back again! With Batavia schools underway in the New Year and the resumption of the rotation plan for most in-person learners, the local ministry to provide weekend food for qualifying students is also gearing up. In coordination with school social workers, backpacks are sent home each Friday full of much appreciated items.
While it is not convenient for most of us to participate under the current COVID-19 restrictions, we are asking as many as can to help with this ministry by bringing one or more medium-size boxes of cereal to our church. Our role in this multi-church food project is to supply approximately 80 boxes each month. We collect boxes at our church throughout the month and deliver them following each second Sunday during the school year.
We ask each family to consider adding a box or two to your weekly grocery shopping and then drop off that cereal during church office hours. If you find that inconvenient, perhaps you could double the quantity and participate every other month until we’re back together for worship. Whatever each one of us is able to provide will be very helpful.
And we ask that you be in prayer for this ministry - for sufficient quantities of food to be donated, for those making decisions and working with families in need, for the students who would otherwise be hungry over the weekends when school meals are not available to them, and for the general economic situation within our community that is reflected in this ministry. We are thankful for those who are making this happen!