Mission Focus

Each week we are asking our congregation to be in prayer for one of our supported missionaries or local mission agency. This week ask that we each bring Pastor Amos Shakya and the Rupantaran Nepali Covenant Church to God in prayer.

This is an important time for this new church plant among the Bhutanese/Nepali immigrant community in the Fox Valley. The fledgling congregation continues to grow. Earlier this month they had another baptism service for new believers who have come to faith through this ministry. Praise God! Yet because of financial challenges experienced by both the denomination and our Central Conference, a final agreement for formally launching the new church plant has not been finalized. Without that next step there may not be sufficient funding available to underwrite this ministry. So pray for our Conference leaders as they work with Pastor Amos during this critical time.
Pastor Amos has expressed his appreciation for our prayers and the care received from Batavia Covenant Church since the beginning of this ministry. This week, let’s pray for wisdom and timely action by the Central Conference and for Pastor Amos’ trust in God’s provision and to not become discouraged. Also please pray for the new Christians in their midst - that their faith would grow strong as they face challenges from unbelieving friends and family; that God would give them His peace and joy as they grow in knowledge of the Word and in love for Jesus Christ.
And as the Advent Season begins, please also consider helping with our church - wide 2020 Christmas project by contributing a gift card from Target or Walmart or cold weather gear (hats, globes, scarves, etc., in various sizes for kids and adults). Drop them off at the church by December 14th to be part of care packages the Rupantaran congregation will assemble and distribute to those in need, sharing the love of Christ to their non-Christian neighbors and friends.