Mission Focus

Each week we are asking our congregation to be in prayer for one of our supported missionaries or local mission agency. This week we ask that we each bring the Restrepo famliy to God in prayer.

After seven years of ministry in Oaxaca, Mexico, Patty, Lisandro and Samuel are moving this summer to be part of a new outreach ministry in the large city of Leon among a vulnerable people. The Restrepos are our Covenant missionary partners serving in Mexico. In fact, they are right in the middle of their move this week and ask us to be in prayer for all that’s involved. Complicating all of this was the earthquake that hit the Oaxaca region just last week.
Please pray for them each day in the week ahead. Pray for the logistics of their move – you know, all the packing and moving of boxes, the sad farewells with friends and coworkers, the location of suitable housing, the adjustment (particularly for Sammy) of finding new friends and feeling comfortable in new surroundings. Pray too for safety in the move. They are traveling by car – not the easiest mode given the poor road conditions (made worse by the earthquake) over which they will be traversing. Also pray for the people they are leaving – many of whom are suffering the direct and indirect effects of the COVID 19 contingency and now have even more anxiety with the earthquake. Finally ask God to give them a clear vision for the new work they are embarking upon and a renewed sense of Call.