One Word

Join us as we each listen for one word from God to guide us in 2022.

Some suggestions to help you listen for God's voice:
Feel free to follow this guide or simply listen as God leads you!

  • SET ASIDE a quiet space or time to pray, either sitting quietly or walking and praying. You may find it helpful to have paper and pen to write or journal.
  • Begin by SEEKING God. Read a favorite scripture passage, reflect on the names of God.  Spend time praising God for who He is.
  • Still in prayer, consider who God is calling you to BECOME. Who has God given you a desire to be in this season of life? You may find it helpful to reflect on what life was like for you in 2021.
  • Finally, ASK God to speak and LISTEN for the word God has for you. What word rises to your attention?

We would love to know your one word for 2022. Write your word on a sheet of paper and mail it to the church, or submit your word online by clicking here. Your name will stay private, but your word will be shared with others so we can pray for one another in the coming days.