Weekly Newsletter

During this pandemic, we want to be available to help those in need. Do you have basic needs that we can help with, do you know someone who does? If so, please complete a help form below by clicking on this link -https://forms.gle/QN5qVnH8s6miS3ym6. We will coordinate our efforts to care for each other and our community.

March 11, 2021

High School Parking

The lottery drawing for new registrations has been finalized. Click on the seal below to view results and see if your number was chosen. Your identification number was emailed to you when you completed registration. If your number was selected, follow the instructions below to complete your registration. If your number was not selected, we are sorry to say that we do not have a spot for you this year. After drawing for available spots during the selection lottery, we will also select a waiting list of ten people. Those people will be contacted if spots become available over the summer or during the school year. If your number was chosen, you need to complete your registration by submitting a signed copy of the Rules and Regulations Form (you can download that here) and a check payable to Batavia Covenant Church in the amount of $175.00 to our church office

May 13, 2018

Mission Focus

Each week we are asking our congregation to be in prayer for one of our supported missionaries, local mission agency, and ministries. This week we are asking everyone to bring the Rupantaran Nepali Covenant Church, it's pastor Rev. Amos Shakya, and his family to God in prayer. This outreach ministry continues to embrace the Nepali speaking people in nearby communities who as yet don’t know Jesus. Pastor Amos asks that we continue to pray for their salvation - for friends and relatives to come to know God. We especially want to hold up Pastor Amos and his family in prayer at this time.  Amos and Roma’s new son Yabesh is now home after spending the first weeks of his life in the hospital and is doing well. Yarona continues to thrive and was overjoyed at being able to finally meet her brother. Just before Christmas, Amos’ mother died and he

October 23, 2021

Community Groups

Community Groups are back! Our Community Groups meet once a month through April. We hope you all sign up to join us. This will be part of worship service on those Sundays. We are offering in-person and online options to participate. We've already started assigning groups, but would love for more to join us. You can still sign up by clicking here to participate or contact Miranda in the church office for a paper copy or if you have any questions. We will have Children's Ministry for birth through minis only during worship service and Community Groups. Children preschool and older will be with their parents in the sanctuary and also during the Community Groups time. For anyone who is not part of a Community Group, you can join in with Pastor Laura and Gary Warner in the Fellowship Hall.

August 17, 2021

Bulldog Breakfast

IMPORTANT CHANGES! Bulldog Breakfast will be taking on a new look. Due to low attendance, we still want to maintain the relationship with our BHS friends, but need to be respectful of our valuable volunteers and their time. With this in mind, we've decided to serve the students a continental breakfast instead of the usual big breakfast for a while. Because of this change, food donations will vary and we will only need 3 volunteers each week who are willing to set up, serve and clean up on Wednesdays. Even though fewer volunteers will be needed, we encourage anyone to join us to visit with the students and show God's love to them. Please continue to pray for this ministry and the direction God wants us to take. Click here to view the meal train.